What This is About

Hola, Bonjour, Privyet, Garmarjoba (5 points to the first to know that language!) Shalom, Namaste and Hello! My name is Dunya, and welcome to my blog.

It might be important every so often to offer a re-introduction of sorts. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across my blog upon happenstance, (or through one of my many incessant, yet feeble, attempts to self-market) or via some other means. Whatever path you took to venture forth to my blogging journey, you have reached your destination, and I thank you. Allow me to show you around some.

Now, there must be some sort of caveat before proceeding, or a minor warning at the very least. I have an affinity for words, which tends to lead me (and the reader) down an overly verbose rabbit hole. If you don’t mind, then I certainly don’t, and we can proceed.

My name is Dunya. I’ve said that. I just turned 30 (I don’t know how I feel about that, but whatever. It’s 2017 and you can’t really hide your age, and I don’t know why we want to, anyway. ) I love God and my family (I’m starting to sound very original, I know) and I truly despise “about me” sections. What do the people want to know, anyway? Gossip, sure, but that’s not that I’ll write about myself. Lifestyle hacks? I have very little to dole out. Makeup tips? Overdone (and I wouldn’t do it justice, anyway). So, I’ll begin with my name and struggle out of the hole from there.

I wrote a book. I suppose that’s the premise of my whole blogging undertaking. Now, my book hasn’t yet been published, and that’s okay. The process of my publication journey is what I shall document in this blog, even if it is a bit of a bumpy road, for reader and writer alike.

I digress, as you may have already seen. It’s fun for me. I enjoy the “stream of consciousness” take on things (though I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much if someone else wrote it, but I recall Catcher in the Rye being similar, so, you can basically say I’m a modern day Salinger, and I wouldn’t fight you on it).  Due to that fun little quirk, I get sidetracked quite easily, as is evident in many of my blog posts. Due to my wandering mind, my focus isn’t entirely on my book, and you will on occasion read various other creative outlets I enjoy, such as grammar, or what books I find to be inspiring, or anything else that points back to the love of the written word.

The book itself is fiction. If I’m being completely honest (which I am, it’s an unnecessary detail, but a great introduction for this sentence) I feel nervous giving away too many details. Perhaps my nervousness stems from being a bit of an amateur, (but that’s okay. We all have to start somewhere and push forth if we want to succeed, no matter where you find yourself on the road. But back to the book). It hangs around 90,000 words, and I’m trying to cut it down, as that would be around 350 pages or so in print-form. I have a female protagonist, and not necessarily because I am trying to make some sort of social commentary, (though I wish I could say that’s the case, and be hailed as some sort of poster child for some very important social movement) but mostly because it was easier for me to do. She’s an everyday girl, who, hopefully, is relatable to many on a wide scale. The work itself isn’t necessarily Christian, but there is an absence of gratuitous sex and obscene language. (I personally don’t enjoy those angles, so I’m not going to write them.) My gal, (her name is Lidia) is a Christian, and since we follow her life, we find out about her world and what being a millenial Christian in today’s world looks like. She’s pretty, outgoing, and has a lucrative business. Semi-spoiler alert, she loses it all, and we see her going through it. It’s supposed to be funny, as my favorite writing style is satire. Currently, I’m rewriting from a different point of view as I have talked about in a recent post) and this is a lengthy process. I want to finish it as soon as possible though, because I don’t want to be sitting on my hands with it any longer. I want to get it out there to agents and eventually published.

So we have learned a little about what my blog and my book are about. What I feel you must also know, is the environment in which I write. This is something in which I should dedicate an entire post, but I’ll give you some Cliff’s Notes points. I wake up around 4 or 5 the morning of, drink some tea, journal, read my bible//pray, and then write my blog. If I’m up later than I should be, then I’m most certainly interrupted by my four year old, as happened this morning. I find ways to try and occupy him so I can finish up (right now it is Daniel Tiger and his neighborhood. I always told myself I wouldn’t be the person that let’s their kids watch too much t.v. I then learned that you can’t talk about parenting styles until you’ve had a child) but he also get’s distracted, so I have to constantly be finding new techniques if I want to finish this for my legions of fans. He’s pretty clever, too, because as I began typing this up, he knocked on our office door and asked to come in and cuddle. How on earth could I turn down that offer? Well, all that considered, my apologies if some of my entries appear more scattered than others. Also, I hardly re-read them throughout for editing’s sake. Ideally I would write them a day or two before and finish up/edit in the morning I plan on publishing it, but that doesn’t happen frequently, and that’s okay. At least I’m writing.

Hopefully this tour cleared up any questions some of you may have. If there are more, feel free to ask! If you have suggestions for topics, I’m all ears! Please come back, I enjoy frequent visitors, and my blog gets lonely if it thinks people don’t like it. So, adios, au revoir, dasvidanya, mshvidobit, (anyone? anyone?) boker tov, alavida, and goodbye! Thank you for visiting my blog.



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